As an Ordained Shamanic Minister, I offer Spiritual Counseling and Ceremonies to help you on your path. Depression, anxiety, addictions, grief, negative thoughts, and fear are all part of life that we go through to grow us up to our higher self and to find our greater purpose. The idea is to not get stuck there in the dark shadows, but to go through them with grace and come out the other side feeling stronger, less damaged, and better equipped.

Together we can create a plan/program to get you on your way to finding and trusting your own inner wisdom. Tools used in ceremonies vary but often include music and sound therapy, aromatherapy, kinetic and passive based energy work, breathwork, and mindfulness exercises. The guidance we practice is meant to be a bridge for you to cross into full embodiment and empowerment. It is time to let go of our limiting belief systems and get into fully living the life we are meant for.

We can work together online or in person and retreats also available.

Submit a message below, email directly, or text for an appointment or with any questions.

Rates: 90 minutes/$100.00

In gratitude,