Breathwork & Art-full Living

We make our offerings to the world with bold, confident love and healing intentions. ~Michael and Theresa O'Connor

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What does a breathwork session look like and what to bring?

What you will need:

  • Please bring a yoga mat. (we can loan if you don't have one)

  • Wear comfy clothes.

  • Pillow and blanket suggested. Temp can fluctuate while doing breathwork.

  • Bring water and light snack for after.

  • Bring a notebook/journal for processing after journey. (Or you can purchase one from us if you like)

  • If online, make sure your space is quiet and comfortable with privacy so you can relax into this special time for yourself. (I even suggest putting pets in another room because in my experience they get excited and like to lick and nudge when doing breathing:)

    What to expect:

  • I offer breathwork one on one or as a group.

  • Give yourself at least a 2-hour window per session/event. 60 minutes of breathing and 30-40 minutes for sharing/questions/processing time, broken up before and after. You'll want to take it easy afterwards so clear your schedule if you can!

  • I will remain present the entire time, holding space for you physically and energetically.

  • My style is open hearted, full of love, helping you work through anything that arises and I've seen and experienced a lot!

  • Movement can be helpful during the journey so feel free to move your body i.e., sit up, lie down, stretch out, hands and knees are great, but no standing up or walking around during the session please. The yoga mat is not only your magic carpet but also your safety boundary lines:)

  • If in person, I tend to be hands on if I feel you need it. This is usually a light touch to encourage any stuck energy that may need help moving or just to let you know we are here. Sometimes a gentle rocking/tapping and we will go over this in person at the beginning or email us for more details.

  • Specifically arranged music provided for your journey.

  • Washable eye covers provided (if in person)to help you feel relaxed and uninhibited by distractions, lights, etc.

    I am so excited to be having these experiences with you and look forward to what the future holds for us all!

Breathwork is the practice of using conscious deep breathing to improve mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

In the web of life everything and everyone is connected in an energetic quantum field. Much like mycelium connecting all of the trees in the forest or like the web of the internet, we too are connected and capable of transmitting light, sound, and frequencies. This means that our thoughts and intentions DO matter as well as our actions! One Love!

Yes, we are capable of so much more than we have been taught to believe. As we engage in self-love and honorable ways of living, we become radiant beings and our inner light transmits to others! When we become the change we want to see in the world it has a ripple effect on those directly around us and in the collective consciousness. So when we see horrible things going on in the world and feel like we can't do anything about it, that is just not true! I'm here to help you find hope and believe in yourself. The time to take your power back is now. We can break our family cycle of addiction, abuse, and trauma patterns by doing the work and this journey is work!

Together we can create strong, healing frequencies and affect change that will not only benefit ourselves, but also our children, grandchildren and so on. It really is for the good of ALL that we take care of ourselves- body, mind, and soul. We must look out for the future for the generations to come and teach them how to do this self-healing work too! Breathwork is a powerful way to open up, get into the flow of Goodliness and Godliness, and activate ALL that is possible. As within, so without! Let's do this! Let us get together and breathe our beautiful intentions into the world!