We are Michael and Theresa O'Connor, breathwork facilitators and life-art bringers. We received formal training in Shamanic Breathwork through Venus Rising Institute. We have also practiced energy and bodywork as massage therapists for over 20 years and made a good living, but circumstances, once again, pushed us out of our comfort zones and into the deep dive of questioning our own purpose here while navigating through all that is going on in the world. How can we provide for our children and also do something good in this world that aligns with our beliefs? On this quest we have felt called to create an extension of the way we live our lives, that which we are calling Within Breathwork and Art-full Living. We think of ourselves as wounded healers and we have a yearning to help ease the pain of suffering in this world. We have found using breathwork, practicing self-love and respect, honoring our intuition, and making art to be powerful tools in helping us through our physical, emotional, and spiritual ups and downs. The time now feels right for us to share our experience with others and BE the change we want to see in the world.

In taking action through Within Breathwork & Art-full Living, our souls are nourished, our needs are met, and we hopefully get to help others too! Our beliefs resonate with trust, faith, and gratitude and we feel a sense of responsibility to be co-creators of the New Earth that we want for all of the beautiful children, their grandchildren and so on. Whether it's breathwork, artsy wares, or both, (or even just the time you spent reading this) we hope you find something meaningful here and if you feel called, we would love for you to join us on our ever-spiraling journey of going Within!